Service is the core competitiveness

The era of value chain service

“Lifetime Worry Service Commitment” establishes a closed matrix covering the whole life cycle of equipment from service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost and quality standard, and integrates the service behaviors from customer purchase before equipment purchase and equipment operation into one customer. Demand-oriented value chain, creating a new value chain service era, and then benchmarking the industry.

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  • The industry's first ECC enterprise control center to achieve real-time monitoring of equipment operating conditions, remote troubleshooting. The global customer first portal GCP system enables remote monitoring of equipment detection, fuel consumption, geographic location, and trajectory. The CSM customer service system enables global networking of service information and real-time tracking of online services. More than 7,000 service engineers, industry service experts, and more than 10,000 headquarters R&D elites to achieve one-two-third line collaboration, Tiandi people and one efficient service model

Service PolicyService policy

Service concept: to achieve the goal of unparalleled service in a paranoid attitude
>Financial Policy
  • New machine financing loan

    Flexible credit is to meet the differentiated needs of customers due to seasonal differences between the North and the South, the Spring Festival holiday, the construction season, etc., through flexible choice of repayment methods, reasonable matching of down payment and margin ratio, extended repayment time, for customers Personalized financial products.

  • Financial leasing business

    The finance leasing business includes three types of leasing models: direct leasing, leasing by lease, and refinancing leasing. Through flexible financial leasing methods, the obstacles encountered by users during the purchase process are solved.

  • Used equipment trading

    Second-hand equipment sales loans refer to mortgage products provided by Sany Financial for the purchase of end-users of used equipment of various business units or agents.

>Insurance policy

Jiulong InsuranceFor the professional insurance business of engineering equipment, Sany Financial cooperates with Jiurong Insurance, the first professional insurance company in the field of equipment manufacturing in China, to provide insurance consulting, purchase and settlement for customers who purchase Sany Group engineering machinery equipment or vehicles. A full range of insurance services such as services.

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