Employee care

1. Hehe Pension

"People are more harmonious, and Baishan filial piety is the first". This is the slogan of the country's advocacy of a harmonious society. It is also the spirit of the "harmony and family culture" that the Hehe Group has always advocated. The company began to implement parents in the third year of its establishment. "Pension" is a kind of welfare care with harmonious characteristics, helping employees to do their filial piety, and at the same time giving thanks to the children behind the work of quietly supporting their hard work.

2. Hehe Guan Ai Fund

The Care Fund mainly includes “difficult assistance”, “major diseases”, “test support” and “child assistance”.

Application object:

1. In-service employees who cause significant damage to the family and property due to irresistible factors such as accidental disasters or natural disasters;

2, suffering from major diseases, over-medical assistance in the scope of self-funded part of the over 100,000 employees (including immediate employees of the employees: parents, spouses, children);

3. The children are admitted to two schools in the year, and the employees whose family income is less than 100,000

4, children (newborns or children) have special illnesses that require long-term care or rehabilitation of the employees

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